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Ancient Peoples and Places  
Archaeology and the Study of prehistory

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Session 1
Posted 10/9/12
Session 2
Posted 17/9/12
Session 3
Posted 24/9/12
Session 4
Posted 1/10/12
Session 5
Posted 15/10/12
Session 6
Posted 22/10/1
Session 7
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Session 8
Posted 5/11/12
Session 9
Posted 19/11/12
Session 10
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Session 11
Posted 3/12/12

Flash Modules on Methods and Techniques in Archaeology 

(Audio recordings of the lectures)



 Session 1    Excerpts from Drennan, R.D. (1992). What is the Archaeology of Chiefdoms About? In Metarchaeology, L. Embree, ed. Kluwer Academic.

New York Times (NYT), science: Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days.
Start exploring the Flash Modules on Methods and Techniques in Archaeology. Concentrate on “20th century tendencies in archaeology” and its quiz. Also stratigraphy @

 Session 2    On the web: Flash Modules on Methods and Techniques in Archaeology. Concentrate on dating methods and archeomagnetism.
NYT, science: Neanderthals’ Tools Were Their Own Work.
NYT, science: Lucy’s Kin Carved up a Meaty Meal.

 Session 3    Excerpts from Wright, H.T. (1986) The Evolution of Civilization. In American Archaeology Past and Future, edited by D.J. Meltzer, D. D. Fowler and J. A. Sabloff: 323-365. Smithsonian Institution.

 Session 4    On the web: Explore (Especially

 Session 5    Excerpts from texts by Colin Renfrew and John Boardman.

NYT: Met Is to Repatriate to Egypt Artifacts from King Tut’s Tomb
NYT: The Met, Ending 30-Year Stance, Is Set to Yield Prized Vase to Italy
NYT: Is It All Loot? Tackling the Antiquities Problem

 Reading Session    Suggested Film: The Lost Pyramids of Caral. A BBC Horizon production.

 Session 6    Excerpts Some remarks on the issue of Chiefdoms.

 Session 7    Excerpts from Flannery, K.V. (1976). The Cultural Evolution of Civilizations. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 3:399-426.

NYT: On Writing, Hunting for the Dawn of Writing, When Prehistory Became History.
NYT: On Quipus: High in the Andes, Keeping an Incan Mystery Alive.

 Session 8    Michael Balter 1998. The First Cities: Why Settle Down? The Mystery of Communities, Science 282(5393):1442.

 Session 9    Excerpts from Smith, Michael E. (2007). Form and Meaning in the Earliest Cities: A New Approach to Ancient Urban Planning. Journal of Planning History 6(1):3-47.

 Session 11    A selection of excerpts from research on trade and commercial contact in prehistoric societies.

 Session 12    A Lesson in Applied Archaeology, by Clark Erickson.