Dynamic Map of Arani's Tiwanaku Graves: click burial tags and pottery icons for data.

Based on Bennett 1936, Fig.1. Grave outlines and large grave-marking stones are drawn. Skeletons sketches and artifacts are omitted. Trenches 4, 5, 8, 9 & 12, are not shown (see tables). AR prefix, for Arani, is omitted; T is trench. KEY: nb: non-burial; SC: stone-covered; BL: bark-lined; SL: stone-lined; Cy: cyst; see table for details on Depth; A: adult; C: child; fl: flexed; >: orientation...; B: bowl; K: kero; P: puku; O: cooking olla. See the burial tables for more information on depth.

Ar3809 Ar3820 Ar3826 Ar3827 Ar3828 Ar3814 Ar3815 Ar3819 Ar3822 Ar3824 Ar3825 Ar3830