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que Perú esta llevando a cabo contra la universidad de Yale

.  Capolavori Ritrovati.


Italy has recently obtained the return of archaeological masterpieces Smuggled
illegally out of the country. The results of the negotiations with U.S. museums are remarkable,
made Mostly Through "informal" negotiations (which is to say with no lawsuits).

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We have admired the richness of this rediscovered heritage at the quirinale (Presidential PaLACE)
and then at the italian zecca (the Mint),
 early in 2008. See a sample.

In the news
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And the consequences of the accords Getty Is Lent a Bounty of Berninis (II.II.MMVIII)

Nevertheless, many Italian masterpieces remain away,
and not exactly abroad, but in Rome itself. Why not remedy this situation with the same celerity?

Why is it that the ugly, copied bronze doors of the senate of Rome in the Forum are not replaced with its original doors taken in the 17th century by Pope Alexander VII to the cathedral of Saint John in Lateran?

The Curia Iulia with the copied bronze doors

The Curia Iulia with its original bronze doors


Why is it that the Vatican Museums in its Pius-Clementine wing still holds pieces of the
Ara Pacis, the restored and well-kept altar of peace of Augustus' times?

There are still treasures to rediscover in its original settings in Rome