Welcome to this meeting of Jim’s friends and colleagues. We have met to celebrate his academic life. David and I are happy you have joined us to listen to our stories and our impressions of our friend and mentor. Jim’s story of a passionate relationship with archaeology is something to be told and we, who have shared his path at different points in time, do so with fervent enthusiasm.

Alvaro Higueras—James B. Richardson and Peruvian archaeology: Five Decades of a Diverse and Rich Relationship

Dan Sandweiss—Things That Go Bump in the Past: JBR and the Geoarchaeology of the Peruvian Coast

Harry Holstein—Stone Structure Sites in Alabama and the Southeastern United States: A Result of Historic Land Management Activities and/or Prehistoric Woodland and Mississippian Memorials of the Past

Mark Mcconaughy—ENSO We Come to an End or How I Learned to Love Coastlines

John Crock and David R. Watters—For the Love of Shellfish: Contributions to the Study of PreColumbian Maritime Adaptations in the Eastern Caribbean

David Anderson—The Nile Goes Up, The Nile Goes Down: Riverine Resource Utilization in the Egyptian Predynastic as seen from el-Mahasna

Michael Heckenberger—Bounty from the River Sea: Aquatic Adaptations in South America as Seen from Amazonia

David Watters—Jim Richardson's legacy in museum anthropology

Michael Moseley—Discussant