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. This is the territory where Tiwanaku architecture, pottery, textiles, wooden and gold objects are found. It covers three countries: Peru to the West, Chile to the South, and Bolivia to the East. The Tiwanaku sphere in the South central Andes is comprised by the capital core area of Tiwanaku, the southern lake shores, Moquegua and Azapa on the Pacific coast, Cochabamba on the eastern slopes of the Andes, and San Pedro de Atacama to the south.

Figure 1: Map of the South-central Andes, with location of the principal areas in the sphere of the Tiwanaku polity;
Figure 2: Physical map of the region, with location of main areas (© 1997 Microsoft);
Figure 3: Satellite image of the region; red tones in picture denote forested areas (© NGS, AVHRR Mosaic 1988);
Figure 4: Space Shuttle oblique-picture of the region, April 1985. This is a close-up image with Lake Titicaca (dark) on the left side and the deep coastal valleys between Moquegua and Azapa on the right (© NASA, 51D-45-016)
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