ECOLOGICAL COMPLEMENTARITY IN COCHABAMBA: VARIATION AND POLITICAL BASIS IN PREHISTORIC INTERREGIONAL INTERACTION. Presented at the 62nd annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Nashville, April 1997.

ABSTRACT: Political economy analyses of prehistoric Andean polities are often guided by the expectation to find archaeological scenarios of the verticality across time and space. Verticality, a strategy that links productive zones of different ecozones, is a paradigm in Andean studies. However, this system is but one form of interregional interaction. A less particularistic approach is applied in Cochabamba. Rather than focusing on "autochthonous" features of Andean society, drawing models from interregional interaction cases from other prehistoric regions will provide Andean archaeology with a more solid ground to assess interregional interaction between large-scale polities and smaller local polities.

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Tiwanaku and Andean Archaeology
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