Andean Past 7 (2005, vii + 314 pp.)

Monica Barnes and I are pleased to announce that Andean Past Volume 7 is now available from the publisher (Cornell Latin American Studies Program). This volume carries a 2005 copyright date and is edited by Daniel H. Sandweiss, Monica Barnes, and guest co-editor Lisa DeLeonardis. The price is US$33/copy, plus shipping and handling ($7/copy for US, $10/copy for Canada and Mexico, $12/copy for all other countries). An order form is available online at:

Table of Contents

Editors Preface by Daniel H. Sandweiss

Frédéric-André Engel (1908-2002) by Robert A. Benfer, Jr.
Francis Allen (Fritz) Riddell (1921-2002) by Jonathan Kent
Susana Meneses de Alva (1948-2002) by Christopher B. Donnan

Thematic Section: Perus South Coast Early Paracas Cultural Contexts: New Evidence from Callango by Lisa DeLeonardis

New Studies on the Settlements and Geoglyphs in Palpa, Peru by Johny Isla and Markus Reindel

Exchange Of Quispisisa Obisidian in Nasca: New Evidence from Marcaya by Kevin J. Vaughn and Michael D. Glascock

Monkey Saw, Monkey Did: a Stylization Model for Correlating Nasca and Wari Chronology by Patricia J. Knobloch

Gardens in the Desert: Archaeobotanical Analysis from the Lower Ica Valley, Peru by Anita G. Cook and Nancy Parrish Regional Autonomy during the Late Prehispanic Period: an Analysis of Ceramics from the Nasca Drainage by Christina A. Conlee

The Prehistoric Peopling of South America as Inferred from Epigenetic Dental Traits
by Richard C. Sutter

Early Inca Expansion and the Incorporation of Local Ethnic Groups: Ethnohistory and Archaeological

Reconnaissance in the Region of Acos, Department of Cusco, Peru by Dean E. Arnold Alfred Kidder II `in the Development of American Archaeology: a Biographical and Contextual View by Karen L. Mohr Chávez

Addresses of Authors
Advice to Contributors to Andean Past